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About Us
About Us

About Us

Setting up your
set outs!

Travlounge is a business venture under Beacon drive pvt Ltd, an ultimate travel revolution, perpetually renovating the yardsticks of “comfiest tripping” in every way possible.

We embrace and encourage spirits who would love to travel for no reason. Gradually we've plans to extend our functional domain from Kerala to South India and finally to the entire country to help the nation travel carefree with Travlounge!

We instigate the culture of “travelling made possible for anyone and everyone” enabling all the standards and necessities to set you in motion. Travlounge stations are set up at frequent intervals throughout your touring routes and all you need is to rush to us and rejoice the epitome of refreshment. Gradually you would make it a habit to own a Travlounge subscription as your favourite prerequisite, whenever or wherever you go.


To be the solitary holistic solution for the woes and needs of people who love to travel and create memories. Our triumph lies at a time when you could remark us as synonymous with comfort and ease in every way possible. We envisage a functional arena that is distinct in the world for its exceptional travel-friendly standards irrespective of age, gender and other stereotypical dream spoilers!


We strive to cater for the refreshment needs of a nation throughout their travelling routes by setting up Travlounge stations at frequent intervals. It is a venture to stand out by deploying remarkable hygiene, convenience and comfort levels to make every journey memorable even without the destinations you explored!


what we do

How We Help You



Safe, Hygienic, fulfil the urge, relax

Travlounge stands out from the conventional restrooms owing to this distinctive and exceptional feature, what we call “TOLOO”.It is a set of toilet stations installed within the Travlounge restrooms. This is the major revival in the Travlounge initiative, brought in to address a relevant community cause as well as to introduce a convenient sophisticated sanitation culture.

The public, especially the long-distance travellers currently rely on the community/public toilets at malls, petrol bunks and so on. On the contrary smart TOLOO toilets bring about a change in the custom by providing top-class toilet facilities through an online subscription model. We would love to call it a culture rather than a feature associated, finally gifting the nation a sound reason to “Go Tripping” all the time!



Business Class, Leisure in Luxury, Deluxe Standards, Calm & Composed

Here's another reason for the 'wanderlusts', inclusive of family, friends, business teams and everyone not to reject the impulse to travel at any time! Late-night driving compromising your sleep cycle is one of the major causes of many road accidents that happen around. Most often, the travelling team may not have many drivers to share the steering with.

This can cause fatigue in the drivers and most probably end up in disasters. At Travlounge, we have set up business class lounge facilities to ensure the comfiest rest hours during driving. While designing the interiors, we strictly abided by the notion of keeping your privacy intact, comfortable and relaxed and applied the same in the moods and ambience of its interiors and outlooks.



Beverages, Mood-Lifting, A Coffee Break, Rejuvenation

We understood the intimacy that you keep upright for your favourite beverages and their crucial role in energizing and revitalizing you while travelling or driving, from the extensive research studies that we undertook as a part of the project. Thus, Coffee Bar became an inevitable quarter of Travlounge attracting masses of long as well as short distance travellers to the culture to have quality assured tea or coffee breaks to raise their moods and fuel for the rest of the journey.

In addition to the mood-lifting purpose, it has been scientifically proven that caffeinated beverages have the property to counter the sleepy moods of those who drive. Hence, it can also act as a remedy to avoid sleep-deprivation-caused road accidents.



Travel Essentials, Packaged Food and Beverages, Touring Exclusive

Now, this is going to be the another exciting feature inside a Travlounge rest station. We have installed exclusive supermarkets where you can purchase all the travel related essentials you need, snacks and other kinds of packaged foods and beverages.

Quite often we might forget to take something along with us during our trips even after days of planning and can get forced to take a “U-turn” amid a chilling up journey. Doubtlessly, they are the game spoilers. That is why we thought of installing a mini supermarket, exclusively catering for the travel-related essentials.


Let Travlounge
be the game changer

Travlounge instigate the brand new culture of travelling effortlessly in a strong conviction that there’s someone extremely passionate about setting up all the rest along the way! We travelled a lot to become the same conviction that pushes you to set off at any time! Leisure, luxury and love; get assured of the three, if Travlounge stays in your way!



Quick Search, Utility Tokens, Premium Plans, Transferable, Redeemable

The application interface of Travlounge has been set prioritizing usability and aesthetic sense simultaneously. Everything we have set for you to enjoy and experience here starts with a click at the Travlounge mobile application! You've got the provision to locate the nearest Toloo restroom, book Sleeping Pods, Car Wash, Charging Points, Lounge, get to know the running offers at Filomart, Starttea, Coffee Shop and many more within a single platform. There’s also an option to get upgraded and enjoy the premium class facilities made available here. Our customers can also avail the benefit of redeemable utility tokens.

Such utility tokens are also transferrable, so you can also consider gifting them to the travel lovers in your contact list. Thus we expect friends and family groups utilizing Travlounge facilities to cherish their travelling dreams. Finally, Toloo also introduces premium plans with an attractive subscription for individuals, family and travel operators.



what we offer

Our Prime Features


Enabling the all-encompassing features in a single initiative to aid the multiple requirements of travellers was doubtlessly a challenging task ahead! Yet, after several long research sessions, we made a concrete framework for Travlounge, equipping it with the most-hour demanding features to suit the new-gen travel freaks! Primarily, Travlounge acts as a restroom facility that stands out in the aspect of regular maintenance, hygiene, waste disposal as well as convenience.

Mini supermarkets to purchase all the travel essentials is another peculiar feature of interest here! Coffee bars to take beverages, business class lounge facilities to take power breaks while long hours of travelling, sleeping pods to take quick naps, book pods and book halls to take your travelling experience to the next level, car wash facility to cleanse your long-run vehicles, electric charging spots, extensive parking facilities, first aid, free WIFI, security services are all our distinctive features to make you forget about the postponement plans while planning a set-off!

High-class infrastructure

100% Hygienic & safe toilets

Mini Shopping hub

Seperate men & women toilets

Resting Lounge

Coffee bar


Car Wash

First Aid


Safe Water

Parking facilities

Electric charging spots

Eco-friendly waste disposal

Security services

24x7 maintenance and cleaning

OUR Foresight

Endeavouring towards

"The passion to set a hygienic ever after shall set off with the strive to cleanse yourself in and out! Travlounge envisages this notion of establishing a squeaky clean India with excellent sanitation and customer satisfaction!"

We grow like this!

The Business Plan

We would like to expand the venture from Kerala to South India and finally to the Northern routes of India through the franchises invited!


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